Meet The Team


Heshy Safrin  

Managing Director 

Heshy Safrin has 30 Years of experience in the Financial Services Business.
He has helped finance over $3 Billion in Various Asset classes from Life Settlements,

Real Estate, and Medical receivables.

As Managing Director of Realty Capital Finance, his many relationships with Hedge Funds,

Private Money Sources and Banks makes him the best person to lead the company

that can help so many people reach their Real Estate Investment Goals.

Call: 908.923.0100 x 401



Mark Safrin 

CFO - Partner 


Mark Safrin has worked in the real estate industry for years,

With experience in acquisitions and Rehabbing. He specializes in originating and

Underwriting complex real estate transactions across all asset classes.

908.923.0100 x 402

Samuel Kwadrat

Senior Vice President 

Samuel Kwadrat has helped Finance and Joint venture over $2 Billion

In the Real estate class He oversees now the loan origination and investment

Activities of Realty Capital Finance.

He joined Realty Capital Finance, bringing an exceptional 

Track record of appraising, analyzing and underwriting real estate properties and

Structuring loans on diverse property types across the US. 

908.923.0100 x 406


Joshua Berkovits

Chief Operating Officer 

Joshua Berkovits brings over 8 years of real estate experience to

His role at Realty Capital Finance, With specialties in lending, acquisitions,

Investment sales, Property management and construction management.

He has in-depth experience analyzing and underwriting diverse types of

Real estate transactions across all sectors.

908.923.0100 x 408

Olga Rice

Head of Processing 


908.923.0100 x 404